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We offer video lessons for each of our locksmith tools. They are sorted in category. Select the category below and click on it  to see details. New screen with individual products will appear.

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Turbodecoder Team

When the payment is finish you will receive on your registered on the checkout module e-mail with LINKS to the purchased VIDEOS. You now have access to their content.

If you need any specific instructions for particular locks please contact our team at:

Choose from the categories below to see available instructions

after you purchase a lesson package you will see also next future publications and updates

See how to use different TURBO DECODER tools for different cars. The ways of use are different and we will eplain all possible scenarious

Once again we have to use different tools in different locks. Without the knowlege you risk to damage tool or lock. It is important to learn how to use them

DM decoders are easy to use if you learn how. Once you learn you can unlock them in few seconds. If you use them non correctly you risck to broke the tool or the lock

Classic Tools for Double bit locks classes

Choose the lock model and  learn how to unlock it from a to z

Electronic key learning devices

Choose the device model and  learn how to unlock it from a to z

Locksmith video guides OBD key learning devices - explanation
Power Locksmith tools

When have to destroy the lock you can use our POWER tools. See how to use them in the correct way

locksmith video guides for use Force locksmith tools cass
Gerda Decoders

See and learn how this decoder work for Greda Tytan ZX serie locks

locksmith video Unlock gerda

Gode grabb and use for ulock cars is very sensitive information.We will upload that information as it come to us – wothout any guarantee.

Choose the Pump Locks Decoders and learn how our decoders work on different pump lock models

Locksmith video instructions for pump locks
Abloy Protec Decoder

See and learn how this decoder work

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