Vehicle opening classes

Training program for car automotive locksmiths who use TURBODECODER ®

Luckydecoder Automatic

Training program for residential locksmiths to open modern Double Bit locks

Pump locks pick decoders

Training program for residential locksmiths who use PUMP tools for unlock Italian  ‘serrature a pompa’

DM double bit decoders

Training program for residential locksmiths who use DM tools for unlock Double bit locks

Classic double bit locks tools

Learn now the Classic Decoders for Double bit locks work

Destructive unlocks

When the Power tools must be used – learn how to do that

Special Locks Vitrual Courses

Category of special tools for special locks

How to use the fast car engine start and key learning OBD devices

Other tools

Video instructions how to unlock wothout key

Register and buy the lessons to upgrade your professional skills

The Luckylocks Education subscription Course will provide you with special hands-on knowledge of locks and security related hardware. Subscribers will learn to work with professional locksmithing tools such as Luckydecoder or Turbo Decoder – Automatic impressioning tools, along with other locksmith specialty tools…..and much more:)

How to participate?

We offer video lessons for each of our locksmith tools. They are sorted in category. Select the category below and click on it  to see details. New screen with individual products will appear.

Select the product to purchase all available video lessons

Create own account in this website – that will help you to log in and view your purchased content / video instructions /

Click on the black button “ to pay and activate your subscription

 The module will show you the screen with chart module :

“checkout”will appear. Click onCheckout screen will come for you to fill your details to do SECURE PAYMENT VIA  PAYPAL ® and follow Paypal on screen instructions.

Once the payment is done you can log in and return to the desired product to see full video classes. The link will be active for 2 months!

If you have any question please contact us on : turbodecoder@gmail.com . We will assist you to reach the class and get access to desired content.

Turbodecoder Team

When the payment is finish you will receive on your registered on the checkout module e-mail with LINKS to the purchased VIDEOS. You now have access to their content.

If you need any specific instructions for particular locks please contact our team at: turbodecoder@gmail.com

Only registered users can buy virtual locksmith training lessons


Corso e demo di apertura serrature con Daniel Atanasov
Daniel Atanasov at locksmtiths demonstration

locksmith classes by category

Pump locks opening tools - full class

OBD car starters courses

Locksmith video guides OBD key learning devices - explanation
How it work: Click on the class you want to get. Contact us for the available class dates. Book for a class, fill your contact. We will receive the reservation. Once we approve it you can do the payment by purchase the class item as well. Let us know the payment details and we will confirm the class. Will wait to see you in our training table. NO PURCASING OBLIGATIONS ! Turbodecoder Team

Where you can come for personal locksmith training courses..

Factory location

Welcome to personal classes. Please contact us to take appointment!

Welcome to our Training classes for locksmiths – Luckylocks company educational center. In our facility we teach how to use our locksmith equipment for better professional results. Any lock opening device requires a specific training and knowledge. We teach the best practices connected with the unlocking in an emergency.

As manufacturers and inventors we can give you the best locksmith solutions. Try our products: Turbo decoder, Double bit lock decoders, Lucky decoders TD, Pump lock decoders, Gerda unlocking devices and many others. For more details, please, contact us directly by e-mail : turbodecoder@gmail.com

About Luckylocks

Luckylocks AD – Joint Stock Company established in 2009. The main purpose of the company is to develop innovative tools for emergency unlocking, locksmith services, locking systems, for vehicles and homes.

The founders of the company – Daniel Atanasov & Georgi Ivaylov – a locksmiths with more than 25 years of experience and founders of the first specialized key workshop for emergency locksmith services 24/7 organized in Sofia – Bulgaria.

Thanks to our long-time professional experience, we designed and carried out, enjoying the assisted cooperation of team, the innovative technologies provided by Luckylocks AD.

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